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Life skills set children up for a successful transition into the teenage years and adulthood. These skills can include emotional regulation, relaxation strategies, social skills, knowledge of how to maintain friendships and enhancing current relationships with family and teachers.

These programs are great for ALL KIDS, boosting confidence, giving helpful strategies and enhancing relationships with family, friends and teachers. They are also excellent for children with a variety of conditions and special needs. Kristen works with anxiety, depression, ADHD, Aspergers, high-functioning autism and Intellectual Impairments.

In choosing a program for a student, it is important to look not only at their physical age, but also their developmental age in relation to the life skills mentioned above. For example, a child with autism may excel in their classroom, however struggle significantly with social skills. In this instance, we may start with an easier program, however once progress is achieved, upgrade to another program in their physical age range.

Please read on for a full list of programs!



ALERT PROGRAM: Ages 4- Adult . Great for Sensory Processing Disorder and Attention Difficulties. Kristen creates a sensory profile and report for each learner to give to specialists and schools.


FUNFRIENDS: Ages 4-7. This friendship skills and emotional regulation program by was designed by Dr. Paula Barrett.


FRIENDS FOR LIFE: Ages 8-12. Children learn practical and useful skills and strategies for coping with stress and develop emotional resilience that will stay with them for life. Suitable for ages 8-12.


SECRET AGENT SOCIETY: Ages 8-12. A social skills and emotional regulation program. This program was originally designed for children with Aspergers Syndrome, with significant clinical results. However, further clinical results have shown it is significantly successful for mainstream children and those with other conditions.


SOCIAL SKILLS EXTENSION PROGRAM: Age 11-16. For children in their teenage years, as well as those who have completed the SAS program. Designed by Kristen, students work on applying their friendship skills in real life contexts.


MYFRIENDS YOUTH: Age 12-16. Developed to give adolescents positive coping skills to better navigate these experiences, and effectively manage the associated feelings.


STRONG NOT TOUGH – YEAR 11 & 12: Age 16-18. This program prepares students for the workplace or transition to further study and improves relationships with parents and teachers.


STRONG NOT TOUGH ADULT: Age 18+. Developed to teach adults the skill of mindfulness in order to navigate their experiences.



Kristen works with children and adults to create activities and real life ‘roleplays’ of challenging situations. This can include anything from mastering small talk, to ordering food in restaurants or learning to travel independently for the first time. Feel free to have a meeting and discuss your needs, or for more information email

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