Clinic visits: $45 per hour, applicable for both tutoring and Social Skills programs

School visits/observations: $60 per hour + Travel Time

Report Writing: $60

Travel Time: $30 per hour

Parent and Teacher Workshops on Autism, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder: POA**

*If a student is supported by school funding, DOCS, Vet Affairs or a community organisation, Kristen can send invoices and set up regular payment transactions with the service involved.

*Families may be required to purchase a Family Kit or resources for programs such as the Secret Agent Society and Funfriends. This is NOT INCLUDED in the hourly rate of $45 per hour. Please ask Kristen or consult the program website for further details.

** Workshops are subject to audience size, school funding available and so forth. If you approach Kristen with a price, she is happy to negotiate a good rate and ensure great learning for all participants.




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