“Nick is 13 with high-functioning autism and limited social skills.  He was diagnosed at the age of 2. Since that time we have been through three schools, classes upon classes, treatments, medications and so on. Nick can be quite aggressive and determined.  In fact most teachers don’t want us to come back, that’s how challenging Nick has been!

Along with Kristen, Nick really loves her side kick Leo the cat. Kristen is the first social skills or Special Education teacher that he has some rapport with.  To be honest, I didn’t expect him to survive our first appointment… I think we’ve been to about eight now! He actually listens to her, even when you think he is not.  No one has ever been able to hold his attention or grab his interest. I am amazed after every class at how well he is doing.”

-Kelly Travis, Currimundi


“Dear Kristen, I had you as my tutor for COR109 at the University of the Sunshine Coast in 2011. When I first met you, I was struggling to the point where I thought I may quit. But after being lucky enough to have you, my grades and confidence skyrocketed above my expectations. You are AMAZING! Honestly I dont think you know how much I valued all your support and help you gave me. You definitely gave me strength to keep going. So thank you for being who you are. You made a huge impact in my uni degree. I only wish there were more teachers like you.”

-Kate De Courcey, Sippy Downs


“I would like to thank Kristen Veltmeyer for all the help and assistance she has given Tristen. Tristen has improved so much in English in the short time he has been having tutoring. He understands the layout of an essay better, and can write an essay all by himself. He has a better understanding and knowledge of persuasive essay writing. Also, his spelling has improved. Tristen now enjoys English.”

-Belinda Grobler, Mountain Creek


“I would love to share my experience with Kristen. When I decided to homeschool my two children, I went into a state of overwhelm. We had just moved to a new city and I was desperate to get some sense of routine going for my kids. I felt at the time I needed guidance and a bit of a structure to help my kids get a rhythm in their learning day. I was blessed to have discovered Kristen and she was so open to me having a very informative 2 hour meeting on all things education. Having that time with her really cleared things up for me and we were able to clearly define what we needed to do moving forward. Kristen has a beautiful, fresh nature and along with her pet cat, she has created a space that is warm, friendly and fun for children to come and learn with her. She is an asset to those who see how beneficial it is to have their children supported on their learning journey, whether they attend school or homeschool. Thank you Kristen for sharing your gift.”

-Isabella Carter


“My 31 year old High Functioning Autistic son (who was only diagnosed as an adult) went to Kristen firstly for the Adult Secret Agent Society programme. Then we followed on with further social skills sessions to assist with navigating adult social situations. Under Kristen’s guidance, he has greatly benefited over the past eight months. We would definitely recommend Kristen’s programmes for any adults on the spectrum. Thank you Kristen.”

-Jo, Mooloolaba


“My son Tom has had tutoring lessons from Kristen for the past 12 months. Tom has had many challenges with his learning and I found Kristen to be incredibly  committed to helping Tom. She connects with him really well. She was very patient and helpful with what  he was learning at school. I would highly recommend her.”

-Karen P, Warana


“Roy was diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in 2012 aged 4. Roy attended sessions with Kristen in 2013 involving the ‘Alert’ program and the ‘Fun Friends’ program. Kristen created a very warm and inviting environment for Roy and myself to come to each week. Kristen was able to establish a great rapport with Roy and he was at ease and comfortable with Kristen from beginning to end. The Alert program was extremely beneficial for us as parents and Roy coping with the many sensory issues faced with ASD. We were able to recognize key triggers that Roy was sensitive too and we were also able to eliminate unwanted behaviour due to sensory stress for Roy. He was also able to self calm and regulate his own emotions with the knowledge of body clues and other strategies.

The Fun Friends program was very useful as Roy was about to be enrolled in his first year of Primary School. I believe this program gave Roy so much more confidence in socializing with his peers and friends as well as in social gatherings with family. Roy learnt many ways of understanding his own feelings and emotions as well as identifying these in others. As parents we gained so much knowledge about how differently Roy may view the world around him and we were better equipped in dealing with the many challenges that we face as parents with a child with ASD.

Roy is now 6 years old and attending school, he has flourished since starting Prep in 2014 and I believe all the work that was done with Kristen has contributed immensely to the success of Roy’s wellbeing and the harmony of our family unit. I highly recommend Kristen to anyone needing assistance with their child and know that Kristen would tailor to the specific needs or requirements of each individual person or child. In my opinion Kristen is a very caring and professional person who has made a wonderful difference in our lives. My son Roy remembers his time with Kristen well and thinks very fondly of her, we hope to keep in contact and do more with Kristen as Roy grows older and his needs change. Thank you Kristen!”

-Honi Cole




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